Sunday, September 16, 2012

Day 1 - Taipei

Star Hostel, Taipei

I really like this hostel, and would highly recommend it. It is 2-3min walk to the train station, the hostel is very clean, nice interior design, friendly staffs....  

I also like the queuing culture in Taiwan. In general, people are quite friendly, and honestly, Taiwan is the easiest country to travel for a Mandarin speaker like me. Good infrastructure & nice people.

I heard the train announcement in Hokkien (which is my dialect), perhaps, this is the only place I could hear Hokkien announcement in the world. 

Local Temple

Lanterns inside the temple

Street of Taiwan.
I like the Chinese sign boards. I felt so at home.

I have seen so much of Ximending on Taiwan variety shows. It is good to see it with my own eyes. It is a nice district for shopping and people watching. =)

It is definitely more vibrant that the famous Nanjing Donglu in Shanghai.

Nice Noodles

There are some pork stuffs which I put aside.
Otherwise, this noodle is perfect! It is quite cheap around 40NT (S$1.80, US$1.50)

I promised my little niece to get her something from Taiwan. The satisfaction of winning a soft toy for her is priceless. Now, this piggy is always accompanying her to sleep every night. =)

Night @ Ximending

Taiwan is also famous for its street food. 

MAC advertisement with an Asian flavour.

Linsanity Fever in Taiwan.

Met up my secondary school friends who are living in Taiwan. 
It is always good to meet friends in a foreign land, and I learnt so much about Taiwan from them (eg. Taiwanese & ex-Taiwanese).

Lottery ticket at the back of every receipt.
This is govt way of ensuring the merchants issue receipts to collect taxes.

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