Sunday, September 16, 2012

Day 2 - Taipei

Convenient Stores are everywhere - FamilyMart, 7-eleven. It is literally everywhere. You can pay your bills, send & collect your mails or parcels, chill out at the convenient stores etc...  

This is a must visit Museum. All the national treasures of imperial China are kept here, thanks to the Kuomintang govt who brought all the treasures across the Straits.  

Even for someone like me, who do not know how to appreciate artifacts, I am really impressed by the intricate porcelains found in this museum. One of its kind in the world.

There were scrolls of beautiful Chinese Calligraphy. I felt proud that I am part of a rich Chinese heritage. There was a point I felt quite sad when I realized that I prefer to read the English description than the Chinese one.

Enjoying a warm street food with a friend in a cold night at Shilin Night market.
Very enjoyable. =)

Donating your receipts to charity.
You never know which of these receipts could win the govt lottery.

Really enjoyed eating the street food in the night market.

It was fun spending a full day exploring Taipei city.
But, it still does not beat the simple joy of reading a good Buddhist book in the evening.

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