Saturday, September 29, 2012


I might be the last person among my friends to visit Taiwan. (At least, among my immediate family). I have been watching Taiwanese shows since young, but there is never a strong urge to visit Taiwan as I always felt that I could visit Taiwan anytime.

Since I had some time before the start of my new job, I decided to visit Taiwan to understand this Asian Tiger. To my surprise, I found the living expenses to be quite affordable ( cheaper than Singapore).

A lot of things happened during the past few months, it was a good opportunity to be alone and think about my road ahead. So I embarked on this short trip alone.


On the second night of my trip, I realized that I lost my journal. I kept this journal for the past 2 years, and I was quite sad about the loss. A lot of things could be replaced, but the memories kept in my journal for the past 2 years could not be replaced easily. I told myself that it is another lesson of the Impermanence of Life, and I would certainly need to let go of my attachment, as losses is a natural part of life. Letting go is the antidote to the suffering caused by my attachment.

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